INPHOG Research Foundation aims to make sure that children with cancer and benign hematological disorders in India receive the best possible treatment and care through multicentre collaborative research trials. The purpose of the group is to accelerate the development of prospective multicentre childhood cancer clinical trials in India.

  • Background- The Indian Pediatric Oncology Group (InPOG) was established through the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PHO-IAP) in 2008. All members of PHO IAP who had a research interest were invited to join InPOG and asked to specify their areas of interest. This information was used to create 21 subcommittees (later increased to 23) and populate the members of each along with the nomination of the chair.
  • InPOG to INPHOG- INPHOG RESEARCH FOUNDATION (in short INPHOG) was incorporated and given a Section 8 license under the Companies Act on 22nd December 2021. The need for this change was in recognition of the rapidly growing activities of InPOG and the realization that this organization would need to attract funds to fulfill its original goal of using collaborative childhood cancer research to improve outcomes for children with cancer in India. In addition, benign hematological disorders were added to its remit and the number of subcommittees was increased to 26.