Cankids KidsCan

CanKids KidsCan is a National Society for Change for Childhood Cancer in India that has worked across the spectrum of care for children with cancer (0-19 years) and their families since 2004 when it was still a Unit of the Indian Cancer Society, Delhi. It is committed to enabling the best standards of treatment, care, and support for children with cancer and their families, in all settings, from working with all relevant stakeholders, including childhood cancer treating centres, pediatric oncology professionals and institutions, and State Governments and providing direct support for holistic treatment and care to capacity building, awareness, advocacy, patient and family engagement policy, and research.
CanKids KidsCan- under the banner of Change for Childhood Cancer in India is committed to conduct and promote research, drive improvement in quality and standards of services and programs and evaluate and assess impact of its own services and programs internally and within the pediatric oncology community. Its department of Quality Care Research and Impact (QCRI) was set up in the year of 2013 to conduct and enable multi-center, institutional, patient-led research and focus on health systems and policy dimensions and to collaborate at local, regional and international level to establish networks and partnerships and facilitate engagement in pediatric cancer research. As a patient support group, it provides financial, social and psychological support, as well as patient navigation and education to patient families receiving standard of care treatment.
Cankids has been associated with INPHOG Research Foundation (formerly known as the Indian pediatric Oncology Group- under IAP PHO) since inception. As on Aug 2022, Cankids has actively partnered, and funded 6 InPHOG studies – viz Hodgkins, HOPE, Access to care (Qualitative study), Access India, Relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma, and Retinoblastoma, and provided support /participated in 3 other multicenter research projects till date.

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We are profoundly grateful to have the support of Resonance, a visionary organization committed to amplifying health globally. Founded in 2015 with a mission to enhance healthcare outcomes through research, education, and technology, Resonance is particularly dedicated to catalyzing positive change in oncology. As we tirelessly pursue advancements in childhood cancer research, Resonance stands by us as a crucial supporter, aligning their resources and expertise to our cause. Their collaborative approach, coupled with a focus on full-system healthcare and pharmaceutical development solutions, greatly enhances our collective ability to make a lasting impact. With Resonance at our side, we are empowered to drive transformative progress in the field of childhood cancer research, working towards a future where every child can receive the best possible care and a chance at a healthy life.

Apar Health Services

We are thankful for the support of Apar Health Services, a dynamic force in healthcare skilling since its establishment in May 2021. With a vision to simplify healthcare education, Apar Health Services is dedicated to designing impactful learning programs for the medical community. Our partnership, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Clinical Research Capacity Building, reflects our shared commitment to advancing healthcare education and skills development. Apar Health Services' learner-centric approach, coupled with its focus on excellence, collaboration, and integrity, aligns seamlessly with our values. Together, we anticipate making a meaningful impact on healthcare capabilities and contributing to the broader landscape of healthcare education and research.


We are honored to count SIOP PARC among our supporters. Established by the SIOP Board of Directors, the Programme for Advancing the Research Capacity (PARC) focuses on pediatric cancer clinical trials in Low-Income Countries and Middle-Income Countries. PARC's mission is to enhance research capacity, advocate for evidence-based care, and mobilize resources for clinical research development in LICs and MICs. SIOP PARC's commitment aligns seamlessly with our goals, and we appreciate their vital contribution to improving pediatric oncology in our country.

PHO Chapter of IAP

We are privileged to have the esteemed support of the PHO Chapter of IAP (, a pivotal organization established in October 1987 with a profound mission to enhance the health and quality of life of children grappling with blood and cancer disorders in India. The chapter's remarkable journey encompasses groundbreaking work in education, advocacy, research, and policy-making, setting a standard that resonates with excellence. Their commitment to advancing pediatric oncology extends to the formation of the Indian Pediatric Oncology Group (InPOG) in 2008, a testament to their foresight in fostering collaborative, multi-institutional research. We are honored to stand alongside the PHO Chapter of IAP as partners in our shared pursuit of improving outcomes and optimizing care for children facing these challenging health conditions.