Technical Mentors

Pooja Sharma, MD (Obs and Gynae), MBBS
Founder CEO, APAR Health Services
Research Advisor INPHOG Chairperson
Research Advisory Board Member, Pediatric Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), Cankids
Dr. Pooja Sharma, MD (Obs and Gynae), is a distinguished clinician and researcher with a multifaceted expertise spanning clinical research, bioethics, and patient advocacy. With a solid educational foundation including an MD from the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS), BHU, Varanasi, Dr. Sharma has been instrumental in shaping healthcare initiatives across various domains. As the Founder and CEO of APAR Health Services, Dr. Sharma demonstrates visionary leadership, driving the organization's mission to build a comprehensive Clinical Research capacity-building program. Additionally, her role as a Research Advisor for INPHOG underscores her commitment to advancing pediatric healthcare and research strategies. Dr. Sharma's dedication to ethical research practices is evident through her leadership roles as Chairperson of Institutional Ethics Committees, where she ensures adherence to the highest ethical standards in medical research. Furthermore, her involvement in initiatives like PARTAKE highlights her advocacy for patient awareness and empowerment in the research process. At Medanta Institute of Education and Research, Dr. Sharma's contributions have been substantial, serving in key roles such as Advisor and Senior Scientist. Her efforts in developing innovative research and healthcare training programs, along with her collaborations with prestigious institutions, reflect her commitment to advancing medical education and research excellence. Dr. Sharma's research endeavors, including her significant contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, showcase her versatility and proactive approach to addressing healthcare challenges.
Meenakshi Devidas, PhD, MBA
Professor and Director,
Global Analytics Unit, Department of Global Pediatric Medicine, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital,
Lead Statistician, ALL Disease Committee, Children’s Oncology Group (National Clinical Trials Network, NCI, USA).
Dr Devidas earned a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Memphis and spent the ensuing 32 years as a faculty member at UCLA, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the University of Florida. She brings more than 26 years of experience in the field of pediatric oncology. She is the Director of Global Analytics in the Department of Global Pediatric Medicine at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She and her team provide biostatistical and analytical support for the various global initiatives/research projects in the department. She is a member of the graduate faculty and a faculty in the St Jude Global Academy. She is the study statistician for clinical trials run by the North American Consortium for Histiocytosis (NACHO), a consortium dedicated to the development and implementation of clinical and translational studies and biological research for histiocytic diseases. She is also the study statistician for a trial studying gene therapy for Hemophilia B in low-middle-income countries, conducted by St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Dr Devidas is the Lead Statistician for the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) biology/therapeutic clinical trials in the NCI-sponsored (National Clinical Trials Network) international cooperative group, the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). She is PI, Co-PI, and co-investigator on several current and past NIH grants supporting clinical research. Her methodological research has focused on statistical issues related to the design and conduct of clinical studies.