Indian Pediatric Hematology Oncology Group

(INPHOG) partners with clinicians and scientists from Indian and around the world in our efforts to understand the causes of cancer and benign hematological disorders and find more effective treatments for the children we care for.
INPHOG conducts its research through 27 disease-specific and transdisciplinary subcommittees. Since 2015, 16335 children with cancer have been enrolled in 33 clinical trials with 11,699(71%) patients in observational studies and 4636(28%) patients in interventional studies in 149 different institutions across the country.

Collaborative research matters because they benefit future patients. Hematologists and oncologists should inform patients and families that clinical trials are the engine for future progress because they identify more effective therapies and that clinical trial participation is a reasonable option to consider for children with cancer and benign hematological disorders.

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